B1 Pre Recorded Course

We are excited to offer you an affordable and convenient way to learn French at your own pace and schedule. Our B1 pre-recorded course is designed for individuals who prefer a flexible learning option and want to continue their French language journey.

Course Highlights

Our comprehensive curriculum, expert instructor, and practical hands-on training ensure you gain the skills and knowledge needed for real-world success.

Lifetime Access to Comprehensive Course Content

Gain unlimited access to an extensive library of video lessons, covering B1-level French curriculum. Materials are designed to offer a holistic learning experience, encompassing grammar, vocabulary, and cultural insights.

Flexibility and Convenience

Learn at your own pace and convenience. Fit language learning into your schedule, allowing for a personalized and stress-free experience.

Personalized Learning with Weekly Private Sessions

Enjoy the luxury of a weekly one-on-one private session with our expert trainer, Shivani Jain. These sessions provide personalized feedback, targeted practice, and a chance to address individual questions and challenges.

Expert Guidance from Shivani Jain

Benefit from the expertise of Shivani Jain, a seasoned language trainer who brings not just knowledge but passion to each session. Shivani’s guidance goes beyond curriculum; she provides insights into language nuances, cultural context, and practical language use.

Interactive Learning Resources

Engage with a variety of interactive learning resources, including quizzes, exercises, and supplementary materials. Reinforce your understanding through hands-on activities designed to enhance comprehension and retention.

Additional Learning Tools

Explore extra resources such as study guides, pronunciation guides, and language books to add an extra layer of fun and engagement to your learning.

Regular Progress Tracking

We monitor your advancement throughout the course with weekly individual sessions. Set personalized goals and benchmarks, ensuring a clear path to language proficiency.

Certificates of Completion

Earn certificates upon completing milestones, providing recognition for your dedication and achievement.

Enroll in our B1 Level Combo Pre-recorded Course today that offers not just lessons but an immersive experience tailored to your needs. With our B1 Pre-Recorded French Course, fluency is not just a goal; it’s a guarantee.

Level B1 = INR 26,000
Now : INR 9,200

  • Weekly one private session
  • Material included
  • Lifetime Access to Class Recordings
  • Certificate Provided

Contact us now to inquire about enrollment and take the first step towards mastering the beautiful French language. Let our pre-recorded course be your guide to fluency and open doors to new opportunities!

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